Speaking Internationally on Signs of Narcissistic Abuse and Processes to Heal from Trauma

I’ve decided to share my program “Narcissist Be Gone! Release Narcissistic Trauma” because over half of my clients are traumatized by a narcissist which creates very low self confidence and esteem. They feel alone, trapped, confused, in fear and depressed.

You might expect the presentation to be about stories, though really the focus will be on empowering you. I’ve been using this program with my clients to help reclaim their confidence and self-esteem, to reclaim their power and to create the life they deserve.

To me, “Evolving My Hypnosis Practice” means I hear, create a safe space and support you so you can thrive.

You can join the conference and watch me LIVE, it is interactive and we can learn from each other. I invite you to join me on January 20 at 6pm – Room C for my talk on recognizing the signs and symptoms of narcissistic abuse and how to best support yourself.


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