Have you ever found yourself intrigued by traveling in time and the idea of uncovering the mysteries of your previous lifetimes?

Past life regression suggests that our consciousness persists through multiple lifetimes. Individuals seek past life regression for various reasons, ranging from curiosity and fun to resolving issues carried over from previous lifetimes or simply gaining a deeper understanding of themselves.

Clients often approach past life regression hypnotherapists with unresolved issues or internal struggles within relationships. The therapy aims to help individuals comprehend and process experiences from past lives that may be influencing their present circumstances in ways they aren’t consciously aware of.

During a past life regression session, you are guided safely into a relaxed state, hypnosis, prompting you to recall memories from your past lives. This process unveils details about your past self, key events, blocked energies, and even connections with people from prior lifetimes.

The benefits of past life regression are extensive. Emotional healing and personal growth are among the most significant advantages. By uncovering and releasing unresolved emotions or patterns from past lives, individuals can gain a clearer perspective on current struggles and relationships, leading to inner peace and self-love.

Additionally, past life regression helps identify and break free from negative patterns or habits carried over from past lives. Issues like phobias, physical ailments, and relationship difficulties can be addressed, allowing individuals to heal and move forward positively.

Past life regression also has the potential to strengthen relationships by helping understand and heal karmic connections with people in the current life. By acknowledging and releasing past emotions, individuals can improve relationships and appreciate the purpose behind certain connections.

People experience past life regression in various ways, from vivid imagery to strong emotions or physical sensations. It’s crucial to approach the experience with an open mind and a willingness to learn, as everyone’s journey is unique.

In conclusion, if you find yourself feeling stuck in your current life or curious about the impact of your past lives, exploring past life regression could offer insights into your personal journey and unlock your true potential. The journey may lead to emotional healing transformation, personal growth, and a broader perspective on the purpose of your existence.

“The most important questions are: What did you learn? How will you apply those lessons in this life?”


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LBL - Life Between Lives

Have you ever found yourself pondering the mysteries that unfold after death? Questions about where one goes, whether accompanied or alone, and the enigma of near-death experiences often leave us curious. If you’re seeking a more accessible way to explore the afterlife, consider delving into Life Between Life Regression.

This transformative approach, pioneered by Dr. Michael Newton after over 25 years of regression research, unravels the mysteries of the soul’s journey between incarnations. Inspired by Newton’s bestselling books, “Destiny of Souls” and “Journey of Souls,” this unique therapy has the power to reshape your understanding of existence.

Under the guidance of my mentor, Richard Sutphan, I embarked on a journey through thousands of past life regressions as a hypnotherapist, simultaneously mastering the art of Life Between Life Regression. Now, certified and equipped with the necessary training, I am privileged to share this profound therapy by training others.

Life Between Lives is a profound, hypnotic regression that transports you to the sacred time your soul spends in the spirit realm between lives. In this immersive experience, you connect with guides, loved ones, and wise beings who assist you in exploring your soul’s lessons, life’s purpose, and other prepared questions. Many encounter healing, unconditional love, and a profound sense of oneness during this spiritual sojourn.

This therapy, grounded in Dr. Michael Newton’s extensive research with over 7,000 clients, transcends borders, with approximately 35,000 Life Between Lives sessions conducted by 200 therapists across 40 countries. The journey begins with a deep hypnotic induction, guiding your conscious mind into a state of expanded consciousness. Starting from pleasant childhood memories, the regression progresses through the womb, past lives, and finally, the past life death scene.

Unlike traditional past life regression, Life Between Lives uses the past life death scene as a gateway to the spirit realm. Here, reviews, interventions, and healings unfold lovingly through guides and loved ones rather than the therapist. Once the soul remembers returning to the spirit world, it enters “Now Time,” allowing for a comprehensive review of past experiences, offering insights, and guidance for the present and future.

Participants often emerge from these sessions with a profound shift—a reduced fear of death, a clearer understanding of life’s purpose, and a fresh perspective on challenging relationships. The lived experience during Life Between Lives provides not just a conceptual understanding but a deep, personal connection to reincarnation, guides, and the immortal soul within. After these sessions, one doesn’t merely believe; they know and embrace the profound truths revealed.